Falling in love with yourself is! Breathe in the positive and all that is already good within you! I'm about to take you on a detox journey! Body, mind, spirit and soul!

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How to achieve Self-Mastery by avoiding distractions.

I have a saying, "Distractions detour dreams"! I’ve been thinking a lot about distractions lately and how one distraction that takes up our time ...

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New 2022 Trends In Gut Health – Humic & Fulvic Acid’s Role

New 2022 Trends In Gut Health mentioning humic & fulvic acid's role with prebiotics and probiotics is not news to me. I became fascinated with gut ...

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#DougEvans owner of #WonderValleyhotsprings talks #sprouts on The Hermitess #healthpodcast

Thank you for Tuning into this #video with #DougEvans & #AndreaCox I would love to connect with you on all of my social media ...

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Clear Negative & Bad Energy with this Medicinal Herb 🌿 #medicinalplants #detox #tea

Thank you for Tuning into this #clear #negative #energy with #medicinalplants #medicinalherb #detox #tea video with ...


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