Now is the time to cleanse your body of the accumulation of toxins, naturally increase your energy, and learn to live a healthy lifestyle! Whether you want to lose weight, rejuvenate, change a habit, grow spiritually or detox on a cellular level – Alkalize with Andrea retreats are just what you need to get started!

Spend five days in our beautiful desert oasis location, as I teach you my time-tested detoxification methods!

“My goal is not to have you return year after year. My goal is to teach you my methods so you can lead a cleaner, happier healthier lifestyle!” – Andrea Cox

Meet your intuitive healer & retreat facilitator Andrea Cox

Meet your intuitive healer & retreat facilitator Andrea Cox

Hello beautiful soul,

I am full of gratitude and excitement that you feel led to join me on this healing journey of self-love, self-care, and self-awareness.

This holistic wellness, cellular detoxification spiritual retreat was birthed in my heart and sacred womb many years ago.

My voyage of discovering natural hygiene principles and adopting holistic wellness practices came at a high price. As a fitness and fashion model, I struggled with eating disorders. So much so at one point I stood five feet ten inches tall at a mere 92 pounds.

As I delved into the healing process, I adopted a 100% raw vegan way of life for eleven years. Today I am thriving on a fully vegan, mucus-free, living-foods lifestyle with an occasional baked starch treat.

This high-vibrational way of eating along with my unique cleansing methods has allowed me to transform thousands of clients onto a plant-based lifestyle. Along this healing journey I’ve helped hundreds of clients heal their issues surrounding food, relationships, childhood trauma, worthiness, and feel magically blessed to now serve you.

My process of healing you runs much deeper than raw living foods and fresh pressed juices. By deep-diving into your Akashic records and the astrology of your birth chart, we will create a roadmap of healing. As we cleanse and rejuvenate your body, we work on healing any past-life karma, old relationship drama, and childhood wounding.

I have chosen a stunning luxury resort in the desert with the top Ayurvedic treatments available.

I cannot wait to meet you at my new desert oasis!

Your chariot awaits!


Nutrient-dense liquid nutrition is a tremendous way to begin healing your body. By giving your system a break from solid foods, you free up the energy required to break down and digest those foods. This allows the body to heal at a cellular level. The extra energy can power the five organs of detoxification – skin, lungs, kidney, colon, and liver– allowing your body to release and remove waste and toxins.

Drinking nutrient rich foods in the form of liquid nutrition will flood your body with vital micronutrients, enzymes and powerful vitamins and minerals. It’s like a blood transfusion of cellular nutrition that absorbs within fifteen minutes of consuming. As a result not only will this increase the health of your body internally, but it will increase your energy, help facilitate weight loss, and clear up any skin conditions you may have.

Our program includes nutritious drinks and supplements that contain ingredients like Chlorella, Spirulina, wheat grass, and barley. We also prepare carefully designed therapeutic teas, pureed vegetable soup and powdered fiber drinks. Natural laxatives {senna free} that help loosen internal waste are incorporated into the program as well as colon hydrotherapy, which is the fastest way to flush out the waste that is released. Using all of these components, you begin to experience the benefits of our deep detoxification spa regimen.

Your days will consist of Yoga, meditation, relaxation, juicing, dips in the ocean, therapeutic spa treatments, colon cleansing and classes with Andrea In the evening. We also incorporate spiritual practices such as crystal therapy, breath work and chakra balancing.


Prior to attending your retreat it is important to understand exactly what is making you ill. A toxin is anything that is poisonous to your body or your environment. For centuries it was easy to live a toxin-free life. For example, we knew to avoid poisonous flowers or inhaling smoke from fires.

Unfortunately, our modern society has inundated our lives with toxins: in everything from household cleaners, skincare products, and the food we consume. Consequently it has become near impossible to avoid these harmful particles and chemicals without mindful practices. However, learning these practices is simple and effective towards a clean lifestyle. When you eliminate toxins, you create a cleaner environment in the body at a cellular level that promotes good health.

The normal functioning of every cell produces toxic waste that needs to be released by the five organs of elimination — these are endotoxins. The chemical pollutions of the planet that get into our body are called exotoxins. Start by recognizing them, and avoid them as much as possible. By simply lowering your toxic load, you can do more to achieve good health and wellness than anything else.


Most guests lose ten pounds of toxic waste from their bodies! By the time you leave, you’ll be able to eat without that annoying bloat! The whites of your eyes will be brighter & your skin will GLOW! Enjoy Daily yoga, guided meditation, detox classes taught by Andrea Cox herself!


During your detox retreat we do not limit your cleansing experience to just the body! We focus on many spiritual aspects as well!

Chakra alignment ~ This brings your entire body into a higher vibration by opening the pathways for better receptivity & a faster healing process! You can expect better digestion, less foggy thinking and old aches and pains to disappear.

Natal Chart ~ Every guest who attends Alkalize with Andrea detox, yoga juice fasting raw food spiritual retreats gets their private natal chart reading along with an explanation of each placement.

This allows you to better understand of your unique personality traits that you may have struggled with in the past. Often times we go through flux (ups & downs) of our moods due to planetary alignments.

These readings are life changing! Andrea provides the readings herself. She has the ability to compare your placements to that of your partner’s. Looking deep into your akashic records to unfold and differentiate karmic patterns and relationships.

Crystal therapy ~ Each guest will receive a crystal to balance them along their healing journey. These crystals are based off of their natal charts & planetary placements mentioned above.

The food & juices ~ All meals provided to break your fast are organic vegan recipes from Andrea’s books Raw-Licous Recipes and Juicing for Beauty!

Andrea’s evening classes ~ We will have fun and informative discussions, where you will learn all about juicing and holistic living, including how and what to juice for the best results. You will also develop an understanding of living “a cleansing lifestyle” and how to feel truly beautiful in your own body!

Yoga ~ Enjoy a guided yoga class to increase lymphatic flow, balance the chakras, and increase blood flow.

Horseback riding ~ Enjoy graceful connection with a horse. There is simply no other feeling like it. A horse is not the same as a dog, cat, or other domesticated animal. They are wild and free! Allow yourself to be led on a beautiful horseback ride in the desert to open all of your senses.


We encourage you to take advantage of our  breath with lymphatic movement techniques during your stay. These modalities are meant to stimulate your lymphatic system, increase delivery of oxygen to your brain, nourish your cells and enhance detoxification as you meander through the beautiful walking paths that wind through our spectacular desert landscape. In addition, please take advantage of our carefully selected equipment:

  • Resonate light machine® {this is excellent for those who suffer with lyme disease, cancer or autoimmune issues}.
  • Mini-Trampolines
  • Chi machines®
  • VibaTrim Machine®
  • Infrared technology saunas
  • Finland style sauna
  • Ion Cleanse foot bath
  • Coffee enema bucket & gold roast coffee

Meet our breath worker Jasmine!

When it comes to shadow work, Jasmine is excellent at helping you go deep within through the power of breath work.

Breathwork is a powerful modality that supports the ascension process.

It reduces stress, creates feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection.

Breathwork also helps release stored past-life and childhood trauma. Watch your mental, physical, and emotional blocks, as well as anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and anger disappear.

Sessions may be booked with Jasmine at the same time you book your retreat.

Price is all inclusive {massages & spa treatments are available for an additional fee.} All food & juices are 100% organic! No need to bring toiletries. In fact, we prefer you don’t! We provide organic soap, sulfite free shampoo’s, conditioner & fluoride free toothpaste! Just bring comfortable clothing, a good book, yoga clothes and your bathing suit!

Questions? E-mail me at Andrea [email protected]

Interested in our water fasting retreats? Water fasting is a fantastic way to hydrate, detox and cleanse the body on a cellular level. Water fasting is safe for people with high blood pressure and diabetes along with other degenerative diseases. Check out our water fasting retreats here.


Here are the dates for the upcoming retreats and book below:

2022 ~ 2023 DATES

August 24th – August 28th $4,888 single occupancy / 3,888 per person double occupancyFULLY BOOKED

January 23 – January 27th 2023 $4,888 single occupancy / $3,888 per person double occupancyFULLY BOOKED

March 20 – 25th 2023 $4,888 single occupancy / $3,888 per person double occupancy

April 24 – 28th 2023 $4,888 single occupancy / $3,888 per person double occupancy

May 22 – 27th 2023 $4,888 single occupancy / $3,888 per person double occupancy

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